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Welcome to MathsNet A-Level Plus


Study your Advanced Level Mathematics course online.
There are currently 8043 pages of content ranging from illustrations and explanations to 2910 fully worked exam questions and 958 o-tests (on-line assessments). Almost every page is interactive offering you much more than simply an online text book. You can use the 2910 exam questions to create and print out your own topic tests, mock exams, revision materials and class or homework tasks, all complete with mark schemes.


Assessment is here! A complete assessment package has been added in to the site, allowing students to record their progress on certain pages, called o-tests of which there are 958 currently available, and teachers to maintain records of their student progress and use it for diagnosis, feedback and help. In addition teachers can use the site to create homework tasks along with hints and deadlines, all of which is marked on-line. To see typical pages, choose a syllabus then enter o-test in the search box. For more info see assessment.


Timed tests on the basics. You will have 30 seconds to complete a short number of questions, which should help improve your thinking skills. To see typical pages, choose a syllabus then enter timed in the search box.
Improved diagrams are being added throughout the site. They are dynamic diagrams and represent more accurately the context of the mathematical problem being studied. Methods a course for first year undergraduates studying engineering and similar subjects is available for subscription.
Coming soon: New courses: Pre-calculus for American high school students.
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Monitor student access to the site (multi-user accounts only).
Print exam papers and mark schemes at the click of a button. Select your module and then topics. Print as many questions as you like.
Many pages have been further optimised for correct display in IE7, 8 and 9.
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Latest Pages Added

ID 8063: Algebra and Functions: Functions and inverses: Self Inverse O-Test

ID 8061: Coordinate geometry: Coordinates: Exam question 05
AP Calc AB 2, AP Calc BC 2, AQA C1, CCEA C1, CIE P1, EdExcel C1, IB(HL) 2, IB(MSSL) 5, IB(SL) 2, METHODS M1, OCR C1, OCR-MEI C1, Pre-U 2, SCOT-HIGH M1, SCOTTISH HM1, WJEC C1

ID 8060: Algebra and Functions: Reciprocal curves: y=1/(x+a) +b
AP Calc AB 2, AP Calc BC 2, AQA C1, CCEA C1, EdExcel C1, IB(HL) 2, IB(MSSL) 4, METHODS M1, OCR C1, OCR-MEI C1, Pre-U 1, SCOT-HIGH M1, SCOTTISH HM1, WJEC C1

ID 8059: Algebra and Functions: Domain and range: Exam question 09
ADV-HIGH M1, AP Calc AB 2, AP Calc BC 2, AQA C3, CCEA C4, CIE P1, EdExcel C3, IB(HL) 2, IB(MSSL) 4, IB(SL) 2, METHODS M2, OCR C3, OCR-MEI C3, Pre-U 1, SCOT-HIGH M1, SCOTTISH HM1, WJEC C3

ID 8058: Summarising data: Measures of dispersion: Exam question 11
CCEA S1, CIE S1, EdExcel S1, IB(MSSL) 6, METHODS M14, Pre-U Prob, WJEC S1

ID 8057: Differentiation: Slope: The graph of y = x³
AP Calc AB 3, AP Calc BC 3, AQA C1, CCEA C1, CIE P1, EdExcel C1, IB(HL) 6, IB(MSSL) 7, IB(SL) 6, METHODS M8, OCR C1, OCR-MEI C2, Pre-U 4, SCOT-HIGH M1, SCOTTISH HM1, WJEC C1

Top schools Sept 2013 - July 2014
1230010721.5Harrow International School Beijing, China
23992913.8The British School in Tokyo, Japan
3140013510.4The Alice Smith School, Malaysia
4272406.8Oaklands School, UK
590156.0Bungay High School, UK
6633912515.1Hills Road Sixth Form College, UK - England & Wales
7128284.6Wilmington Grammar School for Girls, UK - England & Wales
8215732.9Tanglin Trust School, singapore
97133162.2Lancaster Girls Grammar School, UK - England & Wales
10218992.2St Mary Magdalene Academy, UK - England & Wales
11106601.8The King's School, UK
1271431.6Brentford school for girls, UK - England & Wales
134132701.5St Peters Lutheran College, Australia
1471661.1Monte Sant’ Angelo Mercy College, Australia
1542480.9Hyde Community College, UK - England & Wales
161061500.7High School Affiliated to Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China
17441150.4The Grey Coat Hospital, UK
18762570.3Kingsbridge Academy, UK - England & Wales
19432680.2School of the Arts, Singapore, Singapore

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