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Three forces P, Q and R act on a particle at O in the plane of the coordinate axes Ox, Oy. Force P acts along Ox, Q acts along Oy and R acts at an angle with Ox. The resultant vector is shown.
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One of two straights line on a graph from which measurements are taken. One axis (the y axis) is vertical; the other (the x axis)is horizontal.


One of the measurements of distance of a point from the axes of the graph.


that which causes a body to accelerate or change in momentum


an object with negligible size and internal structure, which can be represented by a point; the fundamental assumption in mechanics.


A mathematical object with magnitude and direction.

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AQA AS/A2 Maths 2017MechanicsKinematics3D Vectors-
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Universal (all site questions)SStaticsForces as vectors-
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